The Bearded Clam, the World's Ultimate Fishing Lure, is a fully functional novelty device, of superior design, destined to snatch the fish of your dreams!

Take a moment...imagine yourself on the water,  fresh or salt, and beckoning all of the creatures of deep to your clam...and then you notice a movement in the water, a tug on your line, you set the hook and the fish is yours!   That is a day you will never forget, a story that will last a lifetime. 

The Ultimate Fishing Lure

The Bearded Clam!

Disclaimer:  Although the The Bearded Clam may look and feel edible, please refrain from attempting to lick, nibble, or eat.  The Bearded Clam contains a sharp hook that could potentially bite back.  Please keep away from children as they are too young to use a Bearded Clam properly!